A Great NJ Restaurant for Vegan/Healthy Eating

Hey everybody, this past week I have been in California on vacation/college visits so I was unable to craft up any new recipes. Rather than post a recipe I haven’t tried and perfected myself, I want to focus on a great option for sticking to nutritional goals even when you might not want to cook.

Good Karma Cafe

This place is a hidden gem in the Red Bank area for vegans especially, but its great for anyone of any dietary needs. The last time I went I tried their buffalo wings made from tempeh, a soy protein source and they were amazing.


While I am not a huge fan of spice, these things were insanely delicious, and fulfilling. Besides these, I ordered the nachos, and a “love” bowl which has tempeh and a sweet peanut sauce. Overall a great experience.


I would highly recommend Good Karma Cafe to anyone who is looking to eat a vegan, or just a healthy meal on the go.


P.S. My friend ordered their Mac and Cheese and there was no difference in taste between it and Mac and Cheese made with real cheese


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