Vegan Vacations

Hey everybody, this week is going to be a little different as I am not going to focus on a recipe with pictures, but more of just a general tip.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to escape the cold for a few days and head to Florida. In the past on vacation I PIG out. No restrictions, no anything. This time I was determined to stay with my momentum and not only maintain veganism, but also go to the gym each day. I failed on the latter portion, but succeeded with veganism!

I think something that is immensely important about maintaining such a strict diet, while on carefree or busy vacations is planning. I was not prepared with my hotel, or my options and was lucky enough to find they had a few. Some people will be ignorant to your needs and not know what veganism even is, but once you explain it I’m sure the kitchen will gladly whip something up for you.

The ultimate purpose of this post is to say that vacation is not an excuse, or reason to break. If you want to obviously live your best life, but if you think you have to and its stressing you out know it is not worth worrying about.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Vacations

  1. readyfortheshuffle says:

    It is so hard to stay on any kind of eating plan while on vacation, but you are right planning is needed! Try to still include an image of some kind with your posts each week since we are indeed a such visual society these days!


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